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Selected publications by Nathan Reigner and co-authors

Social Climate Change – Snowmobiling in Vermont
Perry, E. E., Manning, R., Xiao, X., Valliere, W., & Reigner, N. (2018). Social climate change: The advancing extripation of snowmobilers in Vermont. Journal of Park and Recreation Administration, 36, 31-51.

Race, Ethnicity & Park Visitation
Xiao, X., Perry, E., Manning, R., Krymkowski, D., Valliere, W., & Reigner, N. (2017). Effects of Transportation on Racial/Ethnic Diversity of National Park Visitors. Leisure Sciences, 39, 126-143.

GPS and Surveys Measuring Visitor Behavior
Kidd, A. M., Monz, C., D’Antonio, A., Manning, R. E., Reigner, N., Goonan, K. A., & Jacobi, C. (2015). The effect of minimum impact education on visitor spatial behavior in parks and protected areas: An experimental investigation using GPS-based tracking. Journal of environmental management162, 53-62.

Multi-modal visitor use in Acadia National Park
Pettengill, P. R., Manning, R. E., Anderson, L. E., Valliere, W., & Reigner, N. (2012). Measuring and managing the quality of transportation at Acadia National Park. Journal of Park and Recreation Administration301.

Safety and Crowding on Half Dome
Reigner, N., Lawson, S., Meldrum, B., Pettebone, D., Newman, P., Gibson, A., & Kiser, B. (2012). Adaptive Management of Visitor Use on Half Dome, An Example of Effectiveness. Journal of Park and Recreation Administration, 30.

Modeling Transportation and Visitor Use in Yosemite National Park
Reigner, N., Lawson, S., White, D., Meldrum, B., and Manning, R. Editors. (2012). From Model T’s to computer models: Integrating transportation and visitor capacity research and planning at Yosemite National Park. George Wright Forum, 29:3, pp. 302-361

Sustainable Management of Visitors
Manning, R., Valliere, W., Anderson, L., McCown, R. S., Pettengill, P., Reigner, N., … & Hallo, J. (2011). Defining, measuring, monitoring, and managing the sustainability of parks for outdoor recreation. Journal of Park and Recreation Administration, 29.

Visitor Education Effectiveness in Haleakalā National Park
Reigner, N., & Lawson, S. R. (2009). Improving the Efficacy of Visitor Education in Haleakalā National Park Using the Theory of Planned Behavior. Journal of Interpretation Research14 .

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