Recreation & Tourism Science Mission

To help special places protect their essential qualities and welcome visitors for meaningful experiences.

Recreation and Tourism Science is a responsive and flexible consultancy that works with resource and destination managers, academic and private sector researchers, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to identify and address nature- and heritage-based recreation and tourism planning and management issues. Our core clients are public land and protected area managers, sustainable tourism and recreation planners, and researchers working with these clients who need expert social science support. We specialize in social science data collection, analysis, and interpretation; policy analysis and formulation; education, training, and science communication.


  • Trail user and vehicle counting
  • Surveys, interviews, and focus groups
  • Spatial and remote sensing data development and analysis
  • Literature review and data synthesis
  • Quantitative, spatial, and network modeling
  • Network building and peer- and professional-exchanges


  • Visitor and facility use assessments and evaluation
  • Carrying capacity analyses and management approaches
  • Monitoring programs
  • Literature reviews and syntheses
  • Needs assessments and strategic plans
  • Workshops, conferences, networks, and events

Research Resources

  • Trail, mountain bike, and off-road vehicle counters
  • GPSs, cameras, and micro-scale remote sensing equipment
  • Full-service statistical, spatial, document, and image processing software
  • Full academic library resources
  • A diverse collaborative network of international thought leaders